As the festival expands each year, Coachella is becoming just as big of an event for fashion as it is for music. Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, the queen of ‘chella ‘fits, use their looks at the three day concert as an opportunity to gain press attention. This precedent of extravagant apparel coupled with the Coachella on site store, selling all your trendy ‘chella needs, really puts the pressure on us attendees to go all out with our outfits.

But when going shopping for your paparazzi-stopping, Vanessa Hudgens level looks, it’s important to keep some not-so-well-advertised facts in mind.

  1. The festival, ‘Coachella’, was named after it’s location in the Coachella Valley, which is a desert. It is hot as all hell during the day and freezing at night. That means it’s time to find a hearty sweatshirt that can fit in the bottom of your………
  2. BACKPACK! Unless you’re camping, you’re commuting to the venue everyday, which if you are taking the shuttle, can take an hour+. Everything you are going to want that day (jacket, sunglasses, whatever) has to be carried on your back. One thing to be wary of – in the cramped crowds, people could easily unzip and steal your stuff. I suggest getting a cute ribbon of some sort to tie together your zippers and discourage lazy thieves from copping your swag. IMG_7850
  3. Don’t feel bad about wearing walking shoes. Your feet will thank you later, and they’re easy enough to crop out of your pics.
  4. Desert means dust! You absolutely want a bandana to cover your nose and mouth for when you join the mass exodus from the venue, or else you will be blowing mounds of dirt into your kleenex at home. (Another pro tip: douse that bandana in perfume or cologne because porter potties at ‘chella smell worse than your local petting zoo.)
  5. Expanding off the porter potty thing —  don’t wear rompers or anything that you’re going to have a hard time getting off in a porter potty.
  6. Don’t wear anything that you don’t want to get sweaty, dusty, or ripped. If you’re living your best life at ‘chella, there will be some wardrobe casualties along the way.

These warnings do not mean don’t go all out! They just mean maybe hit up Forever 21 instead of Bloomingdales this time.



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