Prior to now, a visible bra strap could be detrimental to an outfit. For this reason, I could never justify dropping cash on an article of clothing I didn’t want people to see. However, the rise of mesh, lace, and aggressive plunging necklines has generated a surge in demand for adorable bras.

Purchasing a $25 bralette is much more justifiable to me than a $25+ bra because the bralette is just as much a part of your look as your shirt. Sometimes, it is your shirt! The lines between bralettes and tops are being severely blurred to the point where it is ok to wear a bralette with a cute jacket and call it a vibe.

Some girls are abandoning the bralette and embracing *stickies*. Shouts go out to Rihanna for kickstarting that trend back in 2009. Though Gaga and Brittney Spears had rocked the stickers before, their alternative fashion reputations didn’t help normalize the trend the way Rihanna did. Today, you can buy nipple stickers in all different shapes and colors, from glitter stars, to electric pink hearts, to even DIY yarn tassel stickies on etsy!

Taking it one step further, lots of girls have begun to truly celebrate the #freethenip movement by abandoning all types of coverage, including stickies. Braless is a trend sweeping the nation as bras are being labeled as a symbol of the patriarchy. Though bras were in fact invented by a woman, they were created as a modern alternative to the corset, which is not exactly progressive.

Whatever stance you take on the issue, bralettes can still be a cute addendum to any look and are definitely worth the splurge.


sports bras count too!
Here’s a photo of me, my good buddy Chris, and a neat-o bralette.
Green on Green.

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