SOCKS WITH SANDALS (or really any other shoe ever)

Socks with sandals is a phenomenon that has been mocked by middle schoolers nationwide for quite some time. However, American Apparel started selling those super cute sheer socks with little fruits on them and all of a sudden we needed to buy shoes that could showcase these patterns. After all, why am I spending $12 on a piece of footwear that no one is going to see? Hence, the resurgence of the jellies (those clear plastic sandals) – and now we’ve come upon the age of Birkenstocks with socks. Those cardboard soles with two leather straps across the top prove that it doesn’t even matter what shoes are on your feet – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SOCKS, MY DUDES!

Since socks were the only form of self expression in uniform schools, one could argue that it was the middle schoolers themselves who foreshadowed this trend. My, how the tables did turn.



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