Sometimes Two Negatives Do Make a Positive

One of the greatest of all white girl problems is buying a nail color that is one shade in the bottle and another on your nails. (i.e. that bottled “come at me!” lime green transforming into a plague-like, transparent goo on your nail)

Well, like Leonardo Da Vinci, I have been on a quest “to find a black darker than any known black,” but for my nails not a canvas. Unfortunately this quest has resulted in the accumulation of dozens of bottles of not-black-enough-black nail polish. Instead of throwing out the rejects (they cost money too!), I took another tip from Leonardo. The whole purpose of finding this luxuriously tangible dark color is “to serve as contrast to the lights and to render them even more brilliant.”  What I realized is that this concept of enriching our lights with darks works in reverse as well – a very bright white could make some of these almost grey colors look black! So, I went to Rite-Aid and bought the brightest decorative top coat I could find – this time it just so happened to be L.A. Girl’s POP: Extra! Extra! Though neither the top coat nor the hazy base could stand alone, together they create a beautiful space-age-art-pop vibe that I’m going to embrace for a long time…….or at least until I run out of the reject dark polish ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Next time your in a polish rut – try getting a spicy top coat to contrast your daily vibes!


(Leonardo quotes courtesy of Vasari’s “Life of Leonardo Da Vinci”)


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